Friday, March 14, 2008

Final Week !! & Film Screenings

Where does the time go?
We'll soon be into the final week of "Bringing Back the Fire" on display at the SRJC Gallery...
so we're planning on some closing events...
First off, Film Screening:
Voyage in Utopia.
(click above to watch previews of this great movie!)
Depending on when you've visited the gallery, you may have seen the trio of short films by Bill Breithaupt (Aqua Burn, Burning Karma, and AstroBlaze), or the short film by Jane Sullivan on the 'Temple of Forgiveness'. In our final days, we're now showing the feature length film "Voyage in Utopia" at 10am, noon & 2pm weekdays, noon & 2pm on Saturday. It's approximately 2 hours long, and Remember! that seating in our little theater is quite limited, so arrive early for a good seat!

THE LASTEST: Yes, we'll be open at on Saturday, March 22, in spite of Spring Break.
Tony & I will be there to hang out with any of y'all that come by that afternoon, 2-4-ish.