Saturday, February 23, 2008


That was a helluva party.
Thank you sooo much for coming out to the show; and to those of you who helped get out the word, and those who helped make it a PARTY (with music, dancing, food, decorations, & your costumes). It truly exceeded any expectations we may have had.
Thanks to you all.
Stay tuned for more photos, and upcoming announcements of film screenings and other happenings while the show continues.

Until I get it all together, check out great party photos from Cliff here. (thanks Cliff!)

And I love this, sent to me in an e-mail from sk8mama:
'We brought friends and children and they LOVED the evening.
My friend's 4 year old said at one point during the Fire Dancing,

"This is the best night of my life." '

(5 photos above, via Cliff; bottom ones mine; click on images to enlarge them somewhat!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

final days...

It's all falling together-- in our final days before the show's opening. Most of the work is hung, and even lit! Now-- wall signage, labels, video & slide show editing... the home stretch. Where's my umbrella drink??
We're really hoping for that break in the rain on Friday; Zack Darling (who we don't believe we've technically met yet-- but I will at noon tomorrow) is helping us to organize what looks like it will be a fun party on Friday night, complete with firedancers, DJs, and hopefully YOU, in your playa apparel, or jeans, or whatever!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

photography walls

The photo area was the last part of the show to be hung; here it is going up a few days ago. Michael & Laurie hang Gabe Kirchheimer's large prints, celebrating the Temples from over the years. (Gabe lives in NY, so unfortunately he won't be here for the party tonight. Hi Gabe!) Below, hanging photographs from Scott Hess, Don Jackson, and Scott London. We also have some great photography cycling in a digital slide show in our lobby area, just outside the gallery.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jenny Bird's Paintings Arrive!

Seen here with Geoffrey's photos, & Bellissima of the Celtic Forest. Tony talks to Jenny & John; "Queen of the Riddle Realms" is at right.

Monday, February 11, 2008

busy days at the gallery

Friday was a busy day over at the Gallery ; the Gallery Class was in session, and many students helped to build walls, paint flames, and move art around. Tony Speirs & Michael Coy (shown above) began the assembly and installation of 'The Game of Hope or Fear'. 'Buddhubya' did in fact arrive on Saturday, and earlier last week saw the arrival of Geoffrey Nelson's costumed mannequins and photographs.

At left, Geoff & Michael try to remember: does the thong go OVER the fishnets, or UNDER?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Each August, for one brief week, the Burning Man Festival turns a portion of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada into the "world’s largest outdoor art gallery". Some the art that is created there is meant to be burned—and some is not, returning to be seen again. This show celebrates some of each, and the community of participants who have created them.

(signage design created for the SRJC exhibit by the fabulous McLarsen Design Duo, featuring Gabe Kirchheimer's photo of The Temple of Forgiveness)

"Buddhubya"-- arrived last weekend!

Painted by Cotati-based artist Pat Ryan, shown here atop Rhody Ringrose's 'Plymouth of Perpetual Enlightenment'.

Buddhubya first appeared on the playa in 2006.