Thursday, January 31, 2008

Celtic Forest's Bellisima arrives

Bellisima (and other parts of the Celtic Forest) have arrived at the SRJC Gallery! Apparently the installation by Laura Kimpton and the rest of the team went very smoothly. One of the forest's trees has been set up outside, where it will be aflame on the evening of February 22nd (during our evening reception.)
More on the Celtic Forest: here.

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betty said...

Oh great, more 'spiritual' and 'alternative' art done by cutting edge 'Burners'..are these not the people who once a year dress up in 'costumes' and 'let it all hang out'..are they not actually real estate agents, cutthroat attorneys, and pampered hotelier heirs with personal assistants who spend the rest of the year being the status quo? Hiring authentic artists for 20 bucks an hour to conceive of your next big project is gross. If I see another Buddha artwork made by some jewish guy from NJ, I'll puke.