Saturday, February 23, 2008


That was a helluva party.
Thank you sooo much for coming out to the show; and to those of you who helped get out the word, and those who helped make it a PARTY (with music, dancing, food, decorations, & your costumes). It truly exceeded any expectations we may have had.
Thanks to you all.
Stay tuned for more photos, and upcoming announcements of film screenings and other happenings while the show continues.

Until I get it all together, check out great party photos from Cliff here. (thanks Cliff!)

And I love this, sent to me in an e-mail from sk8mama:
'We brought friends and children and they LOVED the evening.
My friend's 4 year old said at one point during the Fire Dancing,

"This is the best night of my life." '

(5 photos above, via Cliff; bottom ones mine; click on images to enlarge them somewhat!)


McG said...

I don't think I could truly express how amazing and exciting the party was. The Gallery itself grew in beauty and vitality with the presence of so many visitors! As I made my way through the massive crowds, loud music, dancing people, fire dancers, photo flashes, video cameras, and costumed artists, it amazed me as to how a community can come together in a selfless expression of joy... with very little effort on my part. Lisa, thank you so much for your gift to SRJC.

-Michael McGinnis

Clifford said...

Thanks again Lisa for the excellent work and all the people who helped! Michael's comment on vitality and spontaneous joy in the community hits the mark. My Burning Man crew and I have been kicking around the idea of a regional burn or some form of gathering for the Northbay burners.

After the gallery show, talk was immediately revived on how such an event might happen. Creative Maven was particularly excited on this prospect. There are many Sonoma people who would be love to get involved in art and performance around Burning Man.

Hopefully, events like the gallery show will help spread ever expanding vibrations of interest and enthusiasm for more spontaneous joy and alternative artistic endeavor in our neck of the regional Playa.

Jan said...

mcg describes Lisa's show perfectly and Clifford tantalizes with the idea of more!
Queen-mother (Jan)

affinity said...

Fabulous Show, beautifully curated and hung.

Great Party.

Thanks Lisa